Want to stick to a workout routine? Try mixing it up.

Kelley Stoklosa

Brittani Cicero, freshman nutrition major:

“When it’s colder out people tend to exercise less, and they can gain weight that way. Exercise can help get you motivated, which can also benefit your studies.”

Jenna Walker, sophomore nursing major:

“I feel a lot better overall. A good physical appearance makes you feel better and it’s fun.”

Caitlin MacKenzie, special education graduate student:

“I feel like being outside puts you in a better mood. I have warm clothes to run outside in the winter, but if it’s too cold, there are lifting and spinning classes at the rec.”

Many students are trying to reap the rewards of working out even in the frigid winter months. These rewards include physical, mental and emotional well-being. Some students brave the cold air, while others find ways to stay fit indoors.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is a great way to stay healthy all year round, but if you are looking for alternative ways to stay in shape, check these out:

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