KSU museum opens Stavropoulos exhibit

Nicole Nisson

The Broadbent Gallery in Rockwell Hall will display George Stavropoulos

dresses on Friday, the day corresponding with the designer’s

90th birthday.

The exhibit will feature chiffon garments, the signature pieces of

Stavropoulos’ ready-to-wear collection from 1961 to 1991 inspired by

ancient Greek sculpture.

Stavropoulos and the founders of the Kent State Museum, Jerry

Silverman and Shannon Rodgers, were good friends, which is why

the dresses will be on display at Kent State.

Sara Hume, Kent State University museum curator and assistant

professor, said this exhibit is a chance to display Stavropoulos’


“He had a tremendous grasp on the fabric,” Hume said. “You

don’t see that kind of work on ready-to-wear anymore.”

The dresses will be on display until Sept. 5, 2010.