Say goodbye to stress

Margaret Thompson

College is meant to provide new opportunities and experiences, but a pileup of activities and responsibilities can take over and make the journey more stressful than enjoyable at times.

With classes, friends, clubs, roommates, possibly a job and the worries of scheduling out your future and paying for it, college becomes a juggling act.

Each student has his or her own set of stressors. Here are some ways available to Kent State students to help them cope with anxiety in the new year.

Keri Slepecky

Junior fashion merchandising major

“I listen to music or watch a movie. Sometimes I’ll go shopping or read a book.”

Traci Hoffman

Freshman education major

“I listen to music, and I read a book or I watch TV.”

Joe Smakula

Sophomore business major

“I go to the gym and binge eat a lot.”

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Work out at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The rec center offers yoga classes as well as other exercise classes, which can be a good distraction and can keep you healthy.

Take a break from your schoolwork to see a movie or hang out with friends. Free movies are offered at the Kiva every weekend.

Set a bedtime for yourself. Getting a healthy amount of sleep can greatly improve your general quality of life.

Buy a planner for the new year. Keep your events and class assignments organized so you don’t take on too much at once.

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed, schedule an appointment with the university’s psychological health services. Counselors are willing to discuss your own unique situation. To make an appointment, call (330) 672-2487.