Students rate the hottest hangouts in Kent

We surveyed students through Survey Monkey about Kent’s hottest hangouts, two particular names constantly showed up: Ray’s Place and The Robin Hood Inn.

Ray’s Place

Tony Dodds, who has been an employee at Ray’s Place for the past seven years, has seen noticeable changes in the restaurant since he first began and believes Ray’s Place’s popularity can be attributed to great food and new kitchen management. Dodds said the past kitchen management was less consistent, but things are running smoothly now.

Katie Yackley, sophomore Spanish and French major, said she likes Ray’s because of the fun, inviting atmosphere.

“I like that it’s a good place for people to hang out and have fun. If you have a big group you don’t have to worry about being quiet or calm. It’s really cool because you have families there or college students or older people and they all have fun,” Yackley said.

The Robin Hood Inn

Brandon Arroyo, freshman exploratory major, goes to the Robin Hood Inn just about every other week.

“I like that it offers a place where we can all go to dance. A lot of people go there for specialty nights where there’s not just one type of music. They add techno type music, so that’s kind of cool. I don’t really like (techno), but it’s cool to check out,” Arroyo said.

-Andrew Paulsen