Winterizing your vehicle

Kayleigh Evans

If you are driving home for winter break, make sure your car is equipped to deal with the weather. Mike Tanner from AutoZone in Kent suggested the following things to check out.


• Lug wrench

• Car jack, $20

• Spare tire

• Four tires in good condition-This can be checked with a pressure gauge. Proper pressure can be found in the owner’s manual or on the actual tire. The pressure is usually 32-44 pounds per square inch.


• Antifreeze, $10-If you don’t have antifreeze on hand, distilled water can work in the case of overheating.

• Oil, $3 per quart

• Windshield washer fluid, $3

• Strong battery, $80


• Safety kit, $25

— 8-foot booster cable

— Flashlight

— D batteries

— Cable ties

— Electrical tape

— 2-in-1 screwdriver

— Slip joint pliers

— Rain poncho

— Car care guide

• Accident document

• Emergency guide

• Contact information card

• 35 piece first-aid kit

• Carry bag

— Blanket

— Extra clothes


• Windshield wiper blades, $8

• Lock de-icer, $3

• Scrapper, $4

*Prices are based on Kent’s AutoZone inventory.

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