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DKS Editors

In response to the Nov. 23 editorial, “We’re waiting for your words” by the Daily Kent Stater editorial board:

“I don’t blame students one bit for what has to be an uneasy campus at this time. No student should ever have to fear for his or her safety at any time of the day or evening. What happened to Mr. Kernich, and the victims of robbery, is beyond a tragedy, it is inexcusable. If I were a parent of a current student, I would be very uneasy about KSU. I applaud the writers of this article calling on city and university officials for help and education in dealing with potential trouble, and protecting oneself. I also applaud the university groups that are meeting to deal with what has transpired. Coming together as one, in a united stand for students, can only benefit everyone together. I encourage every student at KSU to work together for a safer campus, one that should be a place of learning and lifelong pleasant memories. Not one to fear.”

– Bill Palma (KSU Alumnus)

In response to the Nov. 24 editorial, “Losing trust in our trustees” by the Daily Kent Stater editorial board:

“I would like to offer my assistance to President Lefton. Since he is undoubtedly a very busy man, the university may send me his utility allowance and have his utility bills forwarded to me, to pay.

Really. I would love to help.

IF, and I say IF, there may be a few dollars left over, I can help my sons pay their tuition so their loans won’t follow them for the rest of their lives.”

– Christine

“I agree, the Board is totally out of touch with the economic reality that everyone else seems to be living. I am an alumna who encouraged her brother to come to Kent because he lost his job along with scores of others whose employment was downsized and off-shored. I am now ashamed of my alma-mater. As my brother and his wife struggle to keep a household afloat, feed the children, pay for tuition, books and fees, the board has done the following:

&bull Approve a bonus increase for the President

&bull Award the President an exorbitant utility allowance on top of his salary

&bull Approve a bond issue for capital improvements with plans to pass the expense on to students as a fee

&bull Give raises to staff when the rest of the country is taking a pay cut

&bull Allow the President to send one of his VPs to another university on Kent’s dime

I could keep going, but I think this is making me ill…”

– Alumna

In response to the Nov. 24 column, “Forget the Democrats, forget the Republicans” by Thisanjali Gangoda:

“I, too, feel exhausted and frustrated. It seems ‘the system’ has evolved to shut out the voices of anyone who doesn’t have enough money to get themselves noticed. I believe that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in the United States, the ever-growing poor population is that weak link. Poor people (myself included, since I have been living on funds well below poverty level for at least five years) have the most to lose and the least power to affect change. I am all in favor of writing and calling Congress, local representatives, the President – anyone in government who may be able to further a cause – but I wonder, who really listens? The form letters I’m sent when I write a letter or sign a petition give me little solace. When people feel powerless, they’re less likely to speak up, and this compounds the problem.

What do we have, if we have no money or direct political connections? We have words. Words can be very powerful, but only if they are seen and read. That’s one reason I decided to go to school for journalism.”

– MJ