Style Eye on Kent

Remah Doleh


Credit: DKS Editors

Fashion is constantly evolving. We want clothes that are better designed, durable, functional and modern. Some may not know it, but fashion plays a huge part in our lives, and having a sense of personal style defines who we are.

So this brings us to the question, what constitutes great personal style? Many of us believe style is always looking your best while pulling inspiration from people like Miley Cyrus. People have a common misconception that style means being in the latest fashions from Paris or wearing True Religion Jeans with Ugg boots (which, of course, isn’t a bad thing).

Style, in the real sense of the term, is defined as dressing effortlessly and not trying to fit in to the crowd by wearing what others are wearing. Simplicity and attention to detail are what style is all about. Then why do most of us over-think fashion? That is a question I cannot answer.

Each week I am always on the lookout for someone who dares to stand out of the crowd. Nick Nero, a junior fashion merchandising major, is the Style Eye of the week.

Doleh: What is your personal definition of style?

Nero: When I think of style, I think of a way of doing things; style is difference, it’s personal. Not everyone possesses style, but everyone wants it. It’s the one thing that can separate you from the next guy.

RD: In your opinion, what’s the biggest fashion mistake that guys make?

N: The biggest mistake guys make is as simple as them just not being themselves. When it comes to dressing, 90 percent of guys do one of two things: either not enough or too much. You want to look as if you were born to wear every outfit you put on. It boils down to just being you – not worrying about what everyone else is wearing, and letting your own creativity shine through.

RD: If you had to pack up and put it all in a large duffel bag, what would your wardrobe boil down to?

N: It’s fairly simple. I’d pack a great pair of slim-cut wool trousers, a white V-neck T-shirt, my chunky, over-sized knit cardigan and a pair of boots. I’d have to throw in a nice pair of denim as well. Also, loads of socks – I hate wearing dirty socks, but yet I’ll wear a T-shirt for weeks.

RD: Tell us what you are wearing.

N: I have on a light plaid jacket from Banana Republic that I’ve had for about three years now and never gets old, a heavier cotton button-up from this great work-wear company out of Philadelphia and a V-neck tri-blend gray tee, my trusty black Nudie jeans that can be dressed up just as well as dressed down and a pair of brown suede boots.

RD: Final question, did anyone ever tell you, you look exactly like the designer, Yigal Azrouel?

N: No one has ever told me I look like Yigal, but I’ll certainly take that as a compliment.

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