PARTA announces new safety initiatives in response to COVID-19

PARTA issued a press release Friday, May 29 announcing several new safety initiatives in response to COVID-19. These new safety initiatives focus on protecting the health and safety of drivers and passengers while riding public transit buses.

Drivers will wear facial coverings and face shields when directly assisting passengers in situations where six feet social distancing is not possible. Passengers are required to wear facial coverings while riding the bus, in addition to sitting at a distance from other passengers whenever possible. 

“Buses are public settings that present certain environmental realities,” PARTA General Manager Claudia Amrhein said. “As our service ramps up and we see an increase in ridership, it’s imperative that steps are taken to protect the health and welfare of our employees and passengers.” 

PARTA riders must provide their own facial coverings.

“We are not requiring surgical masks,” Amrhein said. “Any cloth covering that is secured over a passenger’s nose and mouth and fits snugly against the sides of your face will do.”

All buses will have hand sanitizing stations and no-touch waste receptacles.  Drivers will also have spray atomizers on hand to provide spot disinfection while on the route. 

PARTA also requires wearing facial masks to gain entry beyond the front door of the administrative offices located at 2000 Summit St. in Kent.

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