‘Tis the season to find a partner to snuggle with

Kayleigh Evans

As the temperature drops, students pair up for the winter

With winter approaching, “cuffing season” is on its way.

Cuffing season is a term used to define winter months when people spend a lot of time with a significant other.

Samantha Salters, sophomore dance education major, said she thinks winter is a season when people really become lonely, so they really begin to look for someone to cuddle with.

“During the summer months, people want to go out and meet new people, which can result in ending a winter relationship,” Salters said. “Winter season relationships are different because people are not out and about roaming the streets to find a significant other.”

Yet, some people use the summer months as a gateway to their winter relationship.

“I know a lot of people who find someone in the summer and keep them around to cuddle in the winter,” said Avery Greene, sophomore sports administration major. “… in one to two months, everyone will be cuffing.”

Although cuffing season involves two significant others, this may not mean they are fully committed to one another.

“I do not have a boyfriend, but I’ll probably do a little cuddling this winter,” Salters said. “A relationship is the couple’s prerogative.”

Amber Nyegran, junior psychology and sociology major, has a boyfriend, and they participate in the same cuffing activities year around.

“Relationships do change from season to season; dates become different because of the weather changes, but the relationship stays the same,” Nyegran said. “My boyfriend and I get closer in the winter because we are around each other. More often people get lonelier in the winter, but our relationship does not change.”

Others think relationships are season-less, too.

“The season does not matter to me. If I begin a relationship in the winter, I will hold true to it in the summer,” Greene said. “I do not believe this differs among sexes, either.

“If both of you hold the same understanding, your relationship will last beyond cuffing season.”

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