Twins are ‘seriously inseparable’ during their college experience

Kayleigh Evans

Dorseys live and work together at Kent State

Twin brothers Jabari and Jelani Dorsey are Kent State students. Jabari is pursuing a doctorate in education administration, while Jelani is a graduate student studying business administration and education. They both agree everyone should have a twin. Te

Credit: DKS Editors

The bond between twins is more than genetics.

Twenty-five-year-old identical twins Jabari and Jelani Dorsey said they have been inseparable since birth but have different personalities.

“We have the same mannerisms – if something is funny to us, we will sort of laugh the same,” Jelani said. “We can finish each other’s sentences, but personality-wise, we are completely different.”

Jabari and Jelani consider themselves very close, and describe their bond as one they could not have with any other sibling.

“One thing about having a twin, you’ve got at least one person that you know will always look out,” Jabari said. “I mean, a lot of people have one brother or sister, but it has always been me and him. We are seriously inseparable.”

Jelani’s long hair makes it easier for many people to tell them apart.

“People who know us don’t think we look alike at all,” Jabari said. “When we grew up, we looked exactly identical; people could not tell us apart unless they knew us, but now there are obvious differences.”

But some people still get caught up in the stereotypical “twin questions.”

“This question gets on our nerves the most: ‘When you get pinched, can the other one feel it?'” Jelani said. “Now that is just stupid.”

“If someone asks us that question again, I might just pinch them,” Jabari said sarcastically.

Jabari, the older brother by two minutes, said he appears to be more of the “firecracker of the two.”

“I have an attitude. I respond to things more aggressively, whereas Jelani, he can talk things out,” Jabari said. “Jelani has a big heart.”

The pair complement each other well.

“Jabari is loyal,” Jelani said. “He is not one to stab someone in their back, and he just speaks what is on his mind, and does not mind to do it in their face.”

Along with their outgoing personalities and great senses of humor, they have been very successful at Kent State.

Even though Jabari and Jelani’s parents are both wprofessors at Kent State, they said coming to school together was a given.

“One, tuition is free and two, we have always been together,” Jelani said. “We still live together, we stayed in the dorms together and we just became used to it.”

Jabari received his bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in Pan-African studies. He continued his education to receive a master’s degree in teaching with a focus in secondary education and is now pursuing his doctorate in education administration.

Jelani received his bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in writing. He is now studying toward a master’s degree in business education with a focus on secondary education.

Jabari and Jelani are also members of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

In addition to being active in school and involved with their fraternity, the Dorsey brothers said they are about business together.

“We also are entrepreneurs, and we take our companies very seriously,” Jelani said. “We both have built our own business in telecommunications. We would like to take over the technology market in Ohio and build the Ohio market up.”

“We are both definitely about education, grinding and making money,” Jelani said.

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