What is your workout routine?

Whitney Chaffin

If you don’t have the time to fit a personal trainer into your schedule, these Kent State students share their tips for staying in shape.

Shane Clarke:

Clarke, senior psychology major, said he does a special workout when he goes to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Because Delta Gamma sorority’s Anchor Splash charity event is coming up, Clarke, a Sigma Alpha Epsilon member, said he has to make sure he hits all the essential muscle groups to look as “jacked and tan” as possible. The event involves fraternity brothers dancing and swimming in Speedos, and Clarke said it requires a strict workout.

“We have to make sure that we hit biceps, triceps, chest and abs,” Clarke said.

The abdominal workouts consist of sit-ups, crunches and medicine ball crunches. Clarke said he does a lot of curls, bench presses, tricep presses, dips and pull-ups to stay in shape. He also runs two to seven miles every day to stay in shape for the military, as well as extracurricular activities.

Mary Culovic:

Culovic, freshman fashion design and merchandising major, said she works out to lose extra weight and tone up. Culovic said she works mostly on her abdominals and arms, and she does some cardio on the treadmill when she isn’t doing homework.

“I’m trying to tone up with hopes to get a six pack,” Culovic said.

She said she has seen a difference in her body since the start of the semester when she began working out at least five times a week.

Meryl Remington:

Remington, graduate student in secondary education, finds time to fit in a workout while taking 19 credit hours. She said she does mostly free weights and work on stationary machines.

“I do it to stay in shape for biking and rock climbing,” she said.

Right now, training for rock climbing is difficult for Remington since she is a full-time student. But, once she graduates, she hopes to pick up where she left off with rock climbing, which she said she doesn’t think will be hard since she’s staying in shape.

Austin Schott:

Schott, sophomore nursing major, said he works out to stay in shape but takes it pretty seriously with a strict, scheduled workout on specific days. He said his set schedule keeps him looking good. Schott works out his chest and back, legs and abdominals, and biceps and triceps all on different days of the week. With this strict and intense workout, Schott said he manages to keep himself fit.

Compiled by Whitney Chaffin