Homecoming Court Candidates 2009

Jessica White

Name: Brent Miller

Year: Senior

Major: English

Campus Involvement: President of Phi Sigma Pi, a coed honors fraternity; Teach for America, a national organization that works to eliminate educational inequity in public schools

Favorite thing about Kent State: Brent’s favorite thing about Kent is the student body. “It was really important for me to go to a school that would expand my horizons,” he said. “Going to a school where I can meet people and soak up different cultures and opinions was something I was looking forward to (in coming to Kent State).”

“Read! Research! Look at profiles!” Brent Miller wants students to get informed before voting for Homecoming candidates.

Whether it’s voting, getting involved or simply having a great college experience, Miller said it’s important for students to take charge.

“No one’s going to force you to do anything,” he said. “You’re paying to go here. So it’s up to you take advantage of what’s here.”

As a commuter his freshman year, Miller saw importance in getting involved right away. Now he feels his position on the court is a “great capstone experience” to all of his previous involvements.

“I hadn’t even thought about it,” Miller said when asked about receiving the nomination. “But now being on Homecoming Court is just so cool.”

He’s most excited about the volunteer aspect of the court. Each year, the Homecoming Court chooses and participates in a service project.

“I can’t wait,” Miller said. He hopes the court’s service work will get the word out to students across campus.

“The service project is a great way to draw attention to a need that might not normally be addressed,” he said. “Any press is good press, and if students see the Homecoming Court doing it, maybe they’ll get involved, too.”

Name: Mitchell Cooper

Year: Senior

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Campus Involvement: Student president of the Dive (Christian student organization), resident assistant in Olson Hall, TV2, Black Squirrel Radio, Kent State service trips including United for the Gulf Coast

Favorite thing about Kent State: Mitchell loves the campus. He said it is beautiful, lively and that there’s “always something going on.”

Mitchell Cooper has enjoyed involvement in student media such as TV2 and Black Squirrel Radio over the past four years, but his biggest passion is serving as student president of the Dive.

The Dive is a Christian student organization that invites students to explore God and develop relationships with other followers of Christ.

The Dive nominated Cooper for king, and he is excited to represent the group. He said that by running for king, he finally has the opportunity to give back to the organization that has given him so much.

“For me, it’s not about personal recognition but for recognition of the organization that cares so much about the students here,” Cooper said.

And while he would be proud to represent the organization, Cooper said the king should also represent the entire student body.

“If I win, if I get that honor, that would be a testament to my education here as well as through the Dive,” he said.

Name: Jon Bryan

Year: Senior

Major: Finance

Campus Involvement: Social chair of Delta Tau Delta; membership chair of Mortar Board, a senior honors fraternity; student government senator for the College of Business Administration; Student Ambassadors; Business Professionals Round Table

Favorite thing about Kent State: Jon’s favorite thing about Kent State is the campus. He said, “It’s big enough that you can walk around and not necessarily see the same people, but small enough that you feel comfortable.”

Whether or not Jon Bryan wins Homecoming king, you can bet on seeing his family at the game.

“My mom is really excited,” he said. “She invited aunts, uncles, cousins – so everyone’s coming.”

But for Bryan, winning isn’t the most important thing.

“It’s just great to have the opportunity,” he said.

Bryan was nominated by the Business Professionals Round Table, a student organization that represents the College of Business Administration. He gladly accepted the nomination.

“I wanted to run because I think it’s a great end to my academic career here,” he said. “It’s kind of a showcase to my efforts and what I’ve put into my involvement at Kent.”

Bryan is also excited about working with his fellow nominees.

Each year, the Homecoming Court chooses and participates in a service project.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with others,” he said. “We want to do something that will help the local community instead of just raising money, where you never really see where it goes.”

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