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Remah Doleh

Sophomore business major Michael Valco wears a Ralph Lauren V-neck sweater, cuffed jeans, classic black leather shoes and Prada eye glasses. Photo courtesy of Remah Doleh

Credit: DKS Editors

As I waited in line at Starbucks for my caramel macchiato (extra caramel, of course), I saw a man standing in front of me. He immediately caught my eye. Why? He was wearing a three-piece suit that fit him flawlessly, and his Prada eyeglasses were the finishing touch.

Did he just walk off the set of James Bond? What kind of college student wears three-piece suits, tailored jackets and cuffed jeans? Who is this guy?

It was my mission to find the answer and capture his picture for Style Eye. As I was telling the barista to hold the foam, I looked back to see he was gone. But little did I know, I would run into this mystery man the next day. There he was at Starbucks.

“Hey, my name is Remah,” I said. “Do you have a minute?”

Confused he replied, “Yeah, I guess.”

The name’s Valco. Michael Valco, a sophomore business management major, is the Style Eye of the week.

How do you explain your style?

Valco: “Well, I’m a business student. Heads of companies are to be treated with respect and what they wear plays a huge part in that.”

So then, do you believe that the “clothes make the man?”

Valco: “Yeah, I guess so. You dress like a clown, you’re going to be treated like one.”

Do you have any inspirations?

“LeBron James. My neighbor was LeBron’s driver and sometimes he would take us out for lunch. I loved what he wore: his three-piece suits, his jackets. He inspires me. Oh, and in the film “American Gangster,” Denzel Washington’s character dresses very sharp. His suits are so nice.”

Anything else you would like to add, Mr. Valco?

“Fashion really interests me. On my birthday, my mom and I would go to see a play at the Playhouse Square so I have an excuse to wear my tuxedo. I’m a country boy and fashion is my hobby.”

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