Style Eye on Kent

Remah Doleh

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Style is known to show one’s true character. Let me introduce you to Bradley Springfield. As I walked into Rockwell, dreading my midterm exam, I discovered Bradley.

“I want that tweed blazer!” I thought as I admired his outfit. It was so vintage yet so modern.

I approached Bradley, saying, “First, I want to say I love your jacket. Second, my name is Remah and I’m with Style Eye. Have a moment?”

Bradley Springfield, a senior in fashion merchandising, is the Style Eye of the week.

Doleh: So Mr. Springfield, what does fashion mean to you?

Springfield: The ability and freedom to portray confidence, keep a cool aura and remain calm and collected, no matter the occasion.

RD: Do you have a personal style quirk?

BS: Yes, with these chilly days and nights I must wear my black motorcycle leather gloves, designed by Marc Jacobs, with every outfit.

RD: I noticed you have your jeans rolled up. For me, my style quirk is rolling up my jeans. I got that idea from Thom Browne. So why do you roll up your jeans?

BS: In the summer, I often rolled up my jeans. So I just stuck with it, but now I wear socks.

RD: Explain your outfit. And where did you get the inspiration for your outfit?

BS: Today I was wearing a tweed blazer, deep V-neck paired with a cardigan, distressed jeans with rolled pant legs, black and gray oxford’s designed by Bed Stu, Marc Jacob purse and of course the black leather motorcycle gloves.

I had a V-man magazine lying on my counter table, and Ashley Olsen is a feature. She recently launched a men’s line for The Row, so I decided to create my own interpretation of it for the day.

RD: Final question: If you had a choice of all designers in the world, who would you prefer to work for? Why?

BS: Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs. Enough said.

RD: You’re right, there’s no reason to explain why one would want to work for Jacobs or Ford. An opportunity like that couldn’t be explained in words.

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