KSU forward comes from the Land Down Under

Cody Erbacher

Timeout with Rachel Miller

Field hockey has been a part of Rachel Miller’s life since she was 5 years old. She had always watched her family, especially her mom, on the field, which has inspired her passion for the game.

Miller, a midfielder for Kent State, has played on the Australian Under-19 Team, Australia’s Under-21 Youth Team and Australia’s Junior World Cup Team.

Sports reporter Cody Erbacher talked with Miller about her journey from playing in Australia to playing for Kent State.

Do you have any pregame rituals, or a routine that you like to go through before every game?

I pretty much keep to myself a bit before the game. I like to have a shower, settle myself down and really focus on what I’m trying to achieve in the game coming up. There is always music playing in the changing room. Music in general is good.

By the numbers: Rachel Miller


Games: 11

Shots: 27

Goals: 5

Game-winning goals: 2

Assists: 4


Games: 33

Shots: 87

Goals: 17

Game-winning goals: 7

Assists: 18

You’re not from anywhere around Kent State, or even the U.S. What was your reason for choosing Kent State?

Just another option. It was something new, something exciting to try. Coming here was just another adventure.

Were you nervous?

Oh yeah, of course I was. I didn’t actually get to visit Kent State before. I just sort of came over on a whim, but it was great.

What’s your favorite part about Kent State?

The people that I’ve met. There have been some great people that I’ve met, and I hopefully will stay good friends when I’m not here.

Field hockey isn’t one of the main sports in the U.S. and doesn’t attract many student fans at Kent State. What do you want to tell the student body about the sport and the team?

I think it’s a fun game to watch. I mean, it’s hard to watch a game that you don’t understand or you don’t know, and I think it’s a shame that it’s not as big in a way like in countries like Europe or Australia. Hopefully we’ll get there eventually. Any sport is great to know and watch. I wish we could get more people to support (us).

Does your back ever hurt from having to bend over the whole game to hold the stick?

You need to bend your knees . You get used to it, like when you ride a bike, your butt hurts from the seat, but then you do it more and more over time, and you get used to it. In preseason after getting a break, you might get a little sore.

If you could play a different sport at the collegiate level, what would it be?

I’d like to play tennis. That was my second sport growing up. Unfortunately, I thought I was a little short to go that path, but I really like tennis.

What do you like to do in the offseason or in your free time?

We don’t really have an offseason. Just catching up with people, spending time with family is great, but field hockey takes up a lot of time.

Are professors understanding when you miss class from traveling with the team?

It depends on the teacher. A lot of the teachers are very understanding, and you always get the ones that aren’t always understanding, but it gets easier. Freshman year, it’s a nightmare trying to keep up with everything, but as you move up, it becomes a little bit easier.

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