Open-air market dates back to 1955

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Array of items sold each Friday

Boxes filled with miscellaneous items including small toys, books and tools are lined parallel to each other in the dirt. Tables display everything from samurai swords and knives to antique jewelry, ceramics and knock-off handbags.

An array of denim jeans is compacted on racks in one aisle while in another, several kittens long for a home.

Only an hour southeast of Kent, it’s any Chinatown lover’s dream, until the aroma of funnel cakes hits you. Then all thoughts of New York City are instantly replaced with the recognition of a summer fair.

With the country atmosphere surrounding you, Rogers Sale is filled with people looking to rummage on a Friday afternoon.

Located in Rogers, Ohio, the open-air market lasts all year long, attracting people from all parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia with food, used goods, new goods and animals.

Every Friday, vendors open as early as 7:30 a.m. and sell for as long as they can, as the market doesn’t have an exact closing time.

“Having the market is an outlet for business in such a struggling economy,” said Wade Baer, co-owner and manager of Rogers Sale. “People can make a little extra money.”

Apple vendor Jack Vincent, known as “Apple Jack,” has been selling at Rogers Sale for about 50 years and admits that he’d probably go out of business if he didn’t have a place like Rogers.

“It’s a good thing for us because apple growers are getting fewer just like farmers,” Vincent said. “If you don’t sell retail, and you’re not a big grower, then you’re out of luck.”

The family-owned business also features auctions every Friday. Miscellaneous items are sold at 1 p.m., eggs and produce at 5 p.m. and animals at 6 p.m.

The firm originally opened July 4, 1955 when Emmet Baer and his wife, Lucille, started selling produce, eggs, animals and miscellaneous items like baked goods.

Jim Baer, Emmet’s son, took over in 1981 and expanded the establishment by building several pavilions for the auctions and the market.

Rogers Sale is now owned by Jim’s wife, Beverly, and Emmet’s grandchildren, Wade, Ken and Bill and their sister, Connie Hughart.

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