Happy Hoe-lloween

Eddie Kilroy

Here is a question for anybody to answer: Do you remember what your Halloween costumes looked like when you were little?

If you don’t remember, it’s OK. The answer I was looking for was cute, funny, and/or innocent. Of course, there are many other adjectives that could be used to describe children’s costumes, but I won’t waste your time listing all of them.

The reason for this question is simple: High school and college students nowadays either dress more promiscuous or don’t dress up at all. There are people who do dress up as something funny or cute, but the number of short skirts and high heels on Halloween will heavily outweigh the number of laughs you get from costumes.

Even businesses are transitioning to a more sexual Halloween. If you were to go to a costume shop right now, you’d notice that almost every costume shop would have an adult section for college and high school girls to find their outfits for this weekend. In fact, some online Halloween shops created a “Playboy” section for women to look through and find very teasing costumes.

If at this point you believe I am condoning sexual costumes for Halloween, you’re dead wrong. I am, however, offering a challenge to all the guys out there.

Every year, your lady friends or girlfriends get to dress promiscuously, while guys are stuck wearing manly-style costumes. Not to say these costumes aren’t good, but everyone gets bored of the toga, or of the knight in shining armor, or of the pro football player after a while. Then there are the funny costumes guys wear, like the nudist, or Pee-Wee Herman, or Glenn Quagmire of Family Guy. There were even guys who didn’t even dress up to participate in the Kent State University Halloween – ridiculous.

This is why this year I am stating the challenge for any guy struggling to find a costume. This year, I suggest you go with the costume that shows a little more skin than previous Halloweens. Guys: Let’s get promiscuous like our ladies do. Instead of the football player, let’s do the sexy delivery guy with short shorts and a tie off shirt. Or instead of death, try dressing up as one of those Twilight guys without a shirt on. I guarantee ladies will love that one.

It certainly is a funny concept – stupid, but funny. However, I feel that it does bring up the important point that guys deserve to have the same chance at looking sexy in a new way like ladies do every year with their outfits. Ladies always get to dress promiscuously, which is fantastic by the way, but so should those brave men who want to stun and get attention from the crowd.

Of course today is already the 29th, just two short days to one of the biggest college party days of the year, if not the biggest. I understand that the majority of guys will probably have their costumes put together. But to those brave fellows that want to take it up a notch, that want to make people laugh while pleasing their female counterparts, take me up on this challenge.

Why? Why not? The only thing that you put at risk when dressing up promiscuously is that you might get a little cold at night. And besides, Halloween is not just about going out and having a good time while in costume, it’s about creating memories that you and your friends can reflect on months or years later. Take up this challenge guys, I guarantee that you will have fun doing this.

Eddie Kilroy is a sophomore communication studies major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].