Stark Campus speech today highlights ‘most important lands’ in United States

Mariana Silva

Professor Carrie Schweitzer will talk about the Geology of National Parks and Monuments at Kent State Stark Campus, at 4:30 p.m. today in Room 313 of Main Hall.

“Geology of National Parks and Monuments” is the second session of the series about National Parks, which started when Professor Leslie Heaphy talked about the “History of National Parks,” last Thursday.

“The National Parks are some of the most important lands in the United States,” Schweitzer said. “They preserve the biology, the geology and the history of the land.”

Schweitzer will speak about the geology of the land and the resources available at National Parks, including the desertification in the Southwest, sedimentary and igneous rocks.

The series idea came from “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea,” a PBS series filmed by Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan that premiered last month, Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer said National Parks give people the opportunity to see what they can’t see in other areas, such as natural fauna and flora. Some of the benefits of National Parks are that natural land and natural resources are available to all at a low cost and with no or little intervention of middlemen.