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In response to the Sept. 30 column “Broccoli: It’s what’s for dinner” by Garrison Ebie

“I was so glad that this piece was written. I think it’s so true that if people ate 1-2 vegetarian meals a week, then we could cut back on the negative impact the meat industry has on animals, resources, and the environment. And vegetarian meals don’t have to be salad and celery sticks, you could have cheese pizza and french fries!”


“Nice, thoughtful piece. I applaud the conclusion that we can treat eating meat (and other animal products) like we do other environmentally harmful activities (driving for example) – cutting back but not necessarily going cold turkey. I’d go one step further, though, and emphasize that this can simply mean eating more of things we already know and like (say bean burritos, PB&Js) rather than cutting back on something. It ends up the same, but it’s a lot more fun to think about eating more of something good than not eating something we like.”

-Bernard Brown

In response to the Oct. 2 column “Found God? No, thank you” by Sonali Kudva

“I think God, in relation to Christianity, is a prevalent part of American identity because it was one of the reasons we separated from Britain in the first place. 😛

As for some Christians trying to convert the “brown savages,” I think it’s fundamentally wrong. I believe God has a place for everyone and that people who call themselves Christians but who still treat certain demographics as pariahs, are not true Christians.”