Community officials talk Halloween

Liana Evrard

USG to pass out safe party tips tomorrow

Kent City Council discussed safety for Halloween weekend at yesterday’s Undergraduate Student Government meeting.

“We’re not too concerned, but we feel we’re prepared,” Kent Police Chief James Peach said.

City Manager Dave Ruller said out-of-towners cause much of the trouble often attributed to

the university.

“It’s not Kent State students, per se,” he said. “Gang types come in here looking for trouble.”

Tense relations between students and police officers make bad situations worse, Peach said.

“We’ve walked in your footsteps as students,” he said. He emphasized police officers are not out to get students and are

just doing their jobs.

Councilman Wayne Wilson said students should remember police officers enforce laws they had no part in creating.

“Don’t blame the cop . blame the council,” he said.

Law Director James Silver said he is not na’ve about underage drinking.

“I won’t suggest that I never drank before I was supposed to,” the Kent State alumnus said. He said the difference is he was smart enough to do his drinking responsibly and discretely, keeping himself out of trouble.

A Community Walk is scheduled for 3 p.m. tomorrow. Adam Patterson, USG’s director of community affairs, and Greg Jarvie, interim vice president and dean of students, will pass out safe party tips.

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