Coming out week 2009: Facebook helps reveal LGBT status

Kelly Petryszyn

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Editors Note: This is the second of a week-long series of students’ coming out stories.

When Kelsey Robinson realized she was a lesbian, she told a few close friends and then decided to let the rest of them know by changing her relationship status on Facebook.

A few people asked her if it was a joke. She said no. Then they had long conversations about it. Robinson, a junior psychology major, said she feared discrimination when she came out, but instead her story was met with acceptance.

“I had the reassurance that they didn’t hate me, that it was OK and that I was loved anyway,” she said.

When she told her best friend from high school, they ended up coming out in the same conversation.

At first, Robinson said her mom was angry about it, but that changed when she told her she was going to the prom. Her mom asked her if she was taking the girl she was dating, and when she answered yes, that exchange ended problems between them.

She now has become comfortable enough with her sexuality to hold her girlfriend’s hand on campus. However, she said she still has to be cautious about her sexuality and most likely wouldn’t hold her girlfriend’s hand in a public place off campus.

She said she feels relieved now that she is out and has the support of family and friends.

“It was nice to know that I was accepted from the beginning,” she said.

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