PBS to air discussion on casinos

Theresa Edwards

Cavs owner Gilbert to support Issue 3 in televised debate

Students can tune in to a debate about state Issue 3 at 4 p.m. today. Issue 3, if passed, will authorize four casinos to be built in Ohio – in Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati and Columbus.

The debate will take place in the Student Center Governance Chambers. There is limited space, so students can watch the debate live on kent.edu. Public Broadcasting Service Channel 45/49 will also host a live broadcast.

Robin Heiman, a professor in hospitality management, said this is an opportunity for students to learn about an issue people are passionate about. Broadcasting it is an attempt to alert as many college students as possible.

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, a proposed casino developer, will debate Rob Walgate, who is against the issue. Walgate is director of the Ohio Roundtable, a public policy organization.

A five-member student panel will ask Gilbert and Walgate questions, which Heiman said he expects to get to the economic, legal and social implications of the amendment.

– Theresa Edwards