The Friday morning punter

Michael Moses

Peter King, the longtime, award-winning columnist for “Sports Illustrated,” writes a column titled “Monday Morning Quarterback: 10 things I think I think.” It’s a piece of his brain, a synopsis of the NFL weekend… after the facts.

I always thought it would be cool to see how smart these guys really are. That’s why I love predictions – I feel like they’re a columnists’ SAT score. The more you get right, the more knowledgeable of the subject you seem. So, let’s think of this as a Friday Morning Punter type column rather than a Monday Morning Quarterback. Just a regular guy, kicking out his thoughts on Sunday’s upcoming games.

•I’m not saying they’re going to win, but the Detroit Lions are going to do much better than people expect this week at home against the Minnesota Vikings. It’s one of those gut feelings where if it happens, I’ll look like a genius, and if it doesn’t, I’ll look like an idiot.

•The New England Patriots at the New York Jets better live up to the hype. With all the Spygate history between the two teams and the current trash talk from the Jets’ first year coach Rex Ryan, this is leading up to be week two’s Super Bowl. The whole situation reminds me of a little brother getting all his friends together to beat his big brother one-on-“one” in basketball. The big brother might toy around with them, let them steal the ball. Hell, he might even lose on purpose. But at the end of the day, you know who’s the better team. Ray Sanchez over Tom Brady? Not yet. not ever. I’m going with the Patriots.

•Two of the most-talented running backs in the league are set to square off this week. The sad thing is, on a national level, no one gives a damn about the game. Clinton Portis and Steven Jackson are phenomenal talents on Pop Warner teams. Washington and St. Louis better start winning because, as a fan, I want to see these guys on more than just commercials.

•If gambling was legal . if I was in Vegas. I mean. if I were to lay money down this week. the Arizona Cardinals are given three points. They’re playing at Jacksonville. Gambling is illegal. Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin up against a secondary that gave up 300 yards through the air last week… I mean. gambling is illegal. it’s a very bad thing.

•New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees passed for a Madden-like six touchdowns and 363 yards last week. The Philadelphia Eagles defense recorded five interceptions, a fumble recovery for a touchdown and a punt return for a touchdown. These two teams take on each other this Sunday, which means the fantasy football gods decided to really screw with peoples’ heads.

•The Dallas Cowboys state-of-the-art stadium will make its regular-season debut Sunday night vs. the New York Giants. It’s going to be a shame when they go down to Eli Manning and the G-men. Tony Romo and Co. lit up Tampa Bay last week. New York’s defense is slightly different. I can’t wait to see the look on Jerry Jones’ face as he sits in his penthouse suite looking over the 50. Money can only buy you so much, sir.

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