‘A.L.L.’ you’ve asked for

Christina Stavale

Last spring, a group of student journalists surveyed you, our audience, asking what you wanted to see from us.

Much of what we heard concerned the content in this “Arts, Life and Leisure” section, better known as A.L.L. You asked us to broaden our content, spanning the whole scope of arts, life and leisure, so this semester, our staff is dedicated to bringing those changes to you.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the section looks a bit different. We’ve switched from a tab to a broadsheet format, and we hope it will be more conducive to the content we want to bring you. Within these four pages each week, my personal goal is to give you content you can’t get anywhere else.

But it won’t stop there. We’re getting ready to launch a new Web site, KentWired.com, which will feature all of our A.L.L. content, plus a lot more. We’ll have plenty of multimedia to complement our stories, and eventually we hope it will be your one-stop shop for entertainment in Kent.

Going along with that, we’ve expanded our calendar to include specials at bars and restaurants in downtown Kent.

As the semester moves forward, we hope to bring you weekly and monthly features, including one-tank trips, “cool” classes of the week and student and faculty spotlights.

This semester, you can also look forward to at least five “themed” A.L.L. issues, this being the first one: “We’re A.L.L. Downtown.” These issues will revolve entirely around a specific theme.

These things might not be entertainment in the traditional sense, but to me, entertainment is anything that makes my life better or easier. That might be saving money, it might be learning new recipes or it might be telling me where to go or what to watch on T.V.

Entertainment isn’t always music or movies. It’s taking a relaxing walk down by the river (see our issue next week for Kent’s hidden gems). It’s preparing your own Thanksgiving dinner for your friends (see our food issue to come the week before Thanksgiving break).

It’s all relative, but I hope our content will be something every Kent State student can relate to.

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