Our view: Education should be bipartisan

If a mother supports Democrats and the father supports Republicans, should the child try hard in school? Of course.

The question seems awkward, as both parties always seem to support an educated public, which does in fact begin with the children. But what was it exactly that made many parents across the country call their children’s school districts – and it wasn’t to question a poor grade on a test or ask about a bully.

Parents across the country called their local school districts asking not to let students watch an address by President Barack Obama on the importance of education.

This would be an entirely different story if the president was addressing students to support health care reform or support gay marriage. But he was speaking to young boys and girls about staying in school and working hard.

Where is the controversy?

Those school districts that chose not to air the address did not just keep students from understanding why being in school is important, these schools also kept students from a very historic event. Young people are not used to their president directly addressing them. They are used to the topic being something only mom or dad would care about. They are used to all things government being synonymous with Democrats versus Republicans.

President Obama made a point to speak to children about something most people find incredibly important for the entire nation’s well being. But instead of embracing the president’s message and celebrating school children, parents and administrators chose to keep the president silent.

To the school administrators, teachers and parents who made a point to let the young people in their lives watch this historic speech, we applaud you.

Those of us who are reaping the benefits of higher education, do not forget what got you here in the first place. If it weren’t for supportive teachers, parents and administrators, you probably wouldn’t be here today. If it weren’t for your own hard work and dedication, you would not be walking around Kent State.

And that’s exactly what our president is trying to say.