Off the Wagon: A stroll down Acorn Alley …

Courtney Kerrigan

Just outside the Alley is a store covered wall-to-wall with gag gifts and quirky toys. Off the Wagon offers an unconventional way for college students to revisit their childhood.

With “punching-nun” hand puppets, “corn-dog-versus-broccoli” action figures and a freeloading fork that can reach across the dining room table, owner Michelle Sahr has something in Kent that others don’t.

“We really see it for college students, but also we have some great stuff for families and older kids as well,” Sahr said.

Sahr, a Kent resident, said opening a store with college students in mind seemed like the next step for her. She is also the owner of My Little Red Wagon, childrens toy stores in Stow and Hudson.

Ron Burbick, financier and planner of the Phoenix Project, and Mary Gilbert, executive director of Main Street Kent, contacted her about opening the store as a part of the project.

“I’m a believer in the Main Street shopping areas,” Sahr said. “When I heard about the whole Phoenix Project, I was pretty excited. We came up with some concepts and really liked this one.”

Though Off the Wagon has already opened, the official grand opening will be celebrated later in September along with the other stores on Acorn Alley and Main Street.

– Courtney Kerrigan