Campus renovations

Cassandra Adams

Administrators work toward creating welcoming design

This summer the campus underwent several construction projects – renovations the university hopes will ignite an overall positive and welcoming reaction.

“The provost (Bob Frank) and President (Lester) Lefton want to provide a place where teaching and learning is engaging and flexible as a support for the best opportunity for students,” said Michael Bruder, director of design and construction. “The university is trying to improve facilities so they are current, comfortable, friendly and useful.”

But Bruder also said the bulk of the renovations were for functional purposes.

“Roofs were replaced, for example, in Satterfield and the Gym Annex,” he said. “Sidewalks from Summit to (state Route) 59 were replaced, as well as some on campus. Quite a bit of work was done in the classrooms. Around 60 classes now have new seating, projectors, white boards et cetera.”

Erica Stott, sophomore nursing major, said her butt appreciates the remodeling in Cunningham Hall.

“The cushion seating is really nice,” she said. “The changes look great; it’s so much easier to see what’s going on and pay attention.”

The most noticeable change is in the Student Center, which had major design changes. The university painted walls gold and knocked out the walls of closed-door offices to create a welcoming atmosphere.

“Everything was upgraded in the main lobby in the Student Center, as well as additional computers,” said Bruder.

Junior nursing major Alicia Duris said she likes the improved conditions.

“The Student Center is not as intimidating anymore. It has a very open feel from the moment you walk through the door,” Duris said. “The new colors unify the space. It’s definitely an improvement.”

Kent State graduate Ray Campbell said he likes all the construction.

“There’s been so many good changes since I’ve started attending Kent State,” he said. “The Student Center is way better. The set-up promotes meeting people and is a major social center for campus and a cool way to meet people. “

Nine floors of new restrooms were installed in Beall Hall.

In addition, the School of Theatre and Dance in the Music and Speech Center will be officially done by May 2010.

And a huge, exterior banner was slapped on the side of the library.

“The redesign of campus is amazing,” said Kara Karaffa, junior middle childhood education major. “The banner is really nice. It also shows that you can actually graduate from Kent State University.”

The College of Architecture and University Communications and Marketing teamed up on the banner project.

“I love the banner and how everyone can see it. It’s modern, hip and gives a good feeling” Campbell said. “The light-up sign is my favorite. It makes campus look pretty, especially at night.

“I like thinking that Kent State is a big deal.”

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