Stories from Freshman year: Party faux pas

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Megan Dunick, sophomore public relations major, thought going out for her roommate’s October birthday was going to be a great way to celebrate the beginning of freshman year.

The roommates and their friends were dressed up and ready to party all night long.

At one of their first stops, the partiers were having a good time hanging out when Megan decided to excuse herself to the bathroom.

“These two guys in front of me were just, like, horseplaying,” Megan said.

Not noticing that Megan was standing behind him, one of the men elbowed her right in the nose.

“They whammed me right in the nose, and my nose just profusely (bled), so I started crying,” Megan said.

She immediately grabbed her friends, ran upstairs and kicked everyone out of the bathroom so they could look at the damage more closely.

“I just had a lot of blood coming out, and I was spitting out blood,” Megan said.

Her nose was not broken, but the incident was enough to kill her party mood.

Megan said she felt bad because she thought she was ruining her roommate’s birthday, but the roommate understood.

When she goes out now, she knows to “keep her distance” from roughousing men.

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Adam Barris, junior business marketing and promotions major, spent his freshman year at Lorain County Community College. One night, Barris’ roommate returned to their residence hall room drunk and passed out on the lower bunk.

In the middle of the night, Adam awoke and looked down only to see that his roommate was standing over his laptop and printer – urinating on them.

Adam yelled at his roommate, but his roommate just turned around and coolly replied, “Dude, it’s okay; I got it all in the toilet.”

Needless to say, Adam’s roommate reimbursed him once he realized what he did.

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