Bar guide 2009

There are only a few bars freshmen can get into at night, but some of

these downtown hot spots are great for grabbing lunch or dinner. As for

the rest, consider them something to look forward to.


Everybody loves Ray’s – literally. The crowd is usually a blend of

students, alumni and residents. On busy nights, a line forms outside

the door around 2 a.m. as everyone tries to avoid closing time for

another half hour.

What to drink: large beer selection, Amaretto Sour, Long Island Iced Tea

Fun fact: opened in 1937 and has been open the longest of all bars in Kent.

Perks: birthday wheel, open until 2:30 a.m., happy hour.

Food: yes, full menu


Candle-lit tables surrounded by ottoman seating set the scene at this new hangout.

What to drink: martini, wine

Fun fact: just opened this summer

Perks: upscale bar

Food: no


B-dubs, as it’s called, is one of the few places in Kent to see a game on a big screen and enjoy a beer at the same time.

What to drink: selection of drafts

Fun fact: Commonly called BW3’s because its original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck.

Perks: outdoor patio, big screen TV’s for sporting events, wing night

Food: yes, full menu


Several pool tables take up most of the space in Dom’s and the patrons are usually the older college crowd and Kent residents.

What to drink: beer, Cherry Bomb

Perks: outdoor patio, free pool games on certain days

Food: no


The Loft crowd varies from fashionistas to football fans, but the free peanuts keep them all coming back.

What to drink: Grecian Urn, Incredible Hulk

Perks: free peanuts and pretzels

Food: no


The artsy crowd is a mixture of the young and the young at heart. The

establishment doubles in size when the patio is open, and is known for

its laid back atmosphere.

What to drink: pitchers on the patio

Perks: outdoor patio, hosts bands, Taco Tonto’s pick-up window

Food: no


Though its spacious and the walls are lined with booths, the young

crowd usually huddles toward the front of the bar. Venice veterans

usually settle near the pool tables and jukebox.

What to drink: Flaming Apple Pie shot, Naughty School Girl, $1 cans of Keystone and Natural Light

Perks: free chips, occasionally other free snacks

Food: pizza


The newly expanded tavern gives patrons more room to mingle and drink.

The crowd varies, but usually includes Greeks and athletes.

What to drink: Mongolian Motherf&^#@!, fish bowls

Fun fact: also known as Glory Days

Perks: outdoor patio, happy hour

Food: Cajun Daves, 4 p.m. – midnight


Mugs is usually packed with an assortment of people, especially when there’s a DJ.

What to drink: Green Tea shot, Red Rose shot

Perks: outdoor patio, corn hole, live music

Food: yes


As one of the few downtown destinations that is open to 18-20 year olds, the Brewhouse often entertains younger students.

What to drink: 75 cent mugs and $3 pitchers of Keystone Light, Bubble Gum shot

Perks: hosts karaoke, 18+

Food: no


The layout allows patrons to watch bands perform or sit and listen from afar.

What to drink: Long Island Iced Teas, beer

Perks: hosts bands, outdoor patio, 18+

Food: yes


The pub is intimate and inviting. Most patrons are already acquainted,

which makes it seem more like hanging out at a friend’s house than a


What to drink: Large selection of unique beers

Perks: wireless Internet, board games, open mic on Tuesdays, hosts bands

Food: Zou’s Grill, 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. Closed on Sundays