Lefton keeps details of his speech today under wraps

Allison Smith

State of the University address looks at priorities

President Lester Lefton will give his annual State of the University address today at 4 p.m. in the Kiva.

“I’m going to review this year’s accomplishments and lay out some priorities for the coming year,” Lefton said.

For any more information, he said, “you will have to be there.”

Last year Lefton spoke about his nine-point roadmap for the future, increasing enrollment, retention and graduation. He talked at length about the university’s 21st Century Initiative, which would clean up Liberal Education Requirements.

Immediately following the address there will be a reception in the Student Center in Room 204.

We asked students and faculty what they think the state of the university is:

“Right now, for the new renovations and stuff they’ve made around campus, it’s looking nice. You can see the forward progress that might happen in the future.

The residence halls – I’m an RA – and I know we’re at overcapacity. That’s one of my biggest concerns. I’m just wondering where the money’s going, but other than that, I think it’s great.

I think President Lefton is doing a good job making appearances. I’ve been hearing a lot about him popping up here and there on campus so I think that’s always a plus, just to show that he’s supporting us as students.”

– Alex Kokkinakis,

senior finance and economics major

“I think it’s good. Enrollment is up. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the students. Courses are full in the history department, which is this department. We offer a wide variety of courses and students seem very interested.

I think it’s going to be a good semester. I think we’re making great decisions in many cases. I think there’s a good energy developing.”

– Kenneth Bindas,

professor and chair of the department of history

“Enrollment is pretty positive right now, and we have the highest enrollment ever – and I’ve been here 30 years, so it’s been up and down. It’s the biggest freshman class.”

– Tom Janson,

professor of music and chair of the Faculty Senate

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