Kent State’s McDreamys and Pam Beasleys

Jess Briganti

Does Blair Waldorf resemble a best friend? Does your roommate act like Gabrielle Solis? There may even be a Lauren Conrad look-a-like in your classes. We asked you which of your friends reminded you of TV show characters, and here are Kent State’s versions of the characters:

‘Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami’

Character: Khloe Kardashian

Kent State student: Ivana Berrios

Year/Major: freshman exploratory

What her friend says: Jozalyn Coleman, freshman American Sign Language major said Berrios looks and acts like Khloe Kardashian.

“Well, she kinda looks like her (Khloe) and acts like her,” Coleman said. “She always dresses nice.”

‘The Hills’

Character: Whitney Port

Kent State student: Emily Reighley

Year/Major: Sophomore, fashion merchandising

What her friend says: “She’s into fashion and she has blonde hair,” said Kenzie Burns, early childhood education major. “She loves fashion, loves shopping and would maybe want to work for ‘Teen Vogue.'”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Character: Izzie Stevens

Kent State student: Caitlin Horan

Year/Major: Sophomore pre-medicine

What her friend says: Kelly Ward, sophomore child life specialist major, said Horan, her roommate, reminds her of Izzie Stevens.

“My roommate is kinda like Izzie Stevens,” she said. “She’s blonde and she wants to be a doctor, she’s smart.”


Character: Cappie

Kent State student: Eli Weikart

Year: sophomore

What his friend says: Alyssa Hallock, a sophomore early education major, said Weikart reminds her of Cappie because he is part of Kappa Sigma at Kent State

“He’s not the president of a fraternity here, but he’s a part of Kappa Sigma, and he is obsessed with it.”

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