BUS: ‘Know who you are’

Kelly Petryszyn

Instead of looking at college as solely an academic experience, Black United Students is encouraging students this year to learn not only about their discipline of study, but to use the college experience as a chance to learn their personal identity.

“When you come to college, you want to learn who you are as a person,” BUS vice president Dierre Clift said.

The theme of BUS this year is: “Know who you are.”

BUS had its first mass meeting at 7:30 last night in Oscar Ritchie Hall.

BUS president Dylan Sellers said this year BUS is going to focus on the black person as a whole – mentally, physically and spiritually.

The group plans to do this by educating fellow students and encouraging them to think outside of the box, Clift said. The group wants students to not limit their acquired knowledge to school but to “relate what they learn to general life.”

In addition, BUS will provide services to prepare students for graduate school, such as practice LSAT or MCAT exams. Lastly, BUS aims to engage the community through outreach services, such as mentoring programs and high school programming.

Clift also wants students to use their power in numbers by addressing issues or concerns with the administrators at Kent State in order to have their voices heard.

A greater part of the meeting was spent educating new members about the history of BUS, including the history of Oscar Ritchie Hall.

“(You) got to look at history to find out why things are the way they are,” Clift said.

Upcoming events to look out for include the comedy show, a ribbon-cutting at Oscar Ritchie Hall on Oct. 10, as the building’s renovations were never formally recognized, and the 40th annual Renaissance Ball on Nov. 5.

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