Chew on this, Kent State

Tim Magaw

Here are a few things the editor of the Stater and soon-to-be 2009 graduate thought you should know about Kent State:

&bull The Honors College has very few advantages except you get to wear a silly medal at graduation and get to schedule classes at the same time as the athletes. Other than that, it’s a waste of time.

&bull President Lester Lefton does not like the Daily Kent Stater editorial board. At least we know he reads the editorials.

&bull Columns are opinions – not articles. I’m unsure why over the last four years people have always viewed the opinions of columnists as those of the Stater as a whole.

&bull Many of my professors outside of journalism at Kent State weren’t all that fabulous. There were, however, a few that were excellent (Paul Haridakis, Carole Barbato, Laura Davis, Matthew Shank and a few others should be commended).

&bull There is nothing to do in this city except go to the bars or the Kent Stage (Justin Townes Earle will be there June 4. Go, and be amazed).

&bull The police blotter is probably the most-read part of the Stater. If you get arrested, your name will be in it – no exceptions. So, don’t call the Stater and ask whether your name can be removed. Stater employees have even made appearances in the blotter. Tough luck, kids.

&bull Don’t live on campus for all four years. Residence Services treats you like you’re 10 years old. I was 21 and had beer in my room. I still felt like I was breaking the rules. Not to mention the coloring contests. Yes, there were coloring contests.

&bull People will always complain about the Stater. It’s an easy punching bag. But if you seriously have a complaint, let the editors know. Call the newsroom. Write letters. Stop by. They’ll appreciate it. Honestly.

&bull It’s not that difficult to park on campus and not get ticketed. There is one solution to the ticketing dilemma: Walk.

&bull Don’t succumb to the many disgusting fast-food temptations in Kent. Find the great local eateries, such as Anthony’s, Franklin Square Deli or Taco Tanto’s.

&bull Dining Services employees are generally grumpy. Just because you’re a student and I’m a student doesn’t mean you have the right to treat me rudely.

&bull May 4 is not just a chance to get out of classes even though many of you treat it as such. It’s important to remember the tragedy that happened here almost 40 years ago.

&bull You’re lucky to be here. Despite many of this university’s imperfections, you’re truly lucky to be able to receive an education here. Many people would give their right arm to be where you are right now.

Cheers, Kent State. I’ll miss you.

Timothy Magaw is a senior newspaper

journalism major and editor of the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].