Stress rises as finals approach

Elizabeth D'Aurora

College students cringe at the thought of finals.

Stress levels reach an all time high as the end of the year approaches.

Ben Cope, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at the Kent State Recreation and Wellness Center, encourages students to work out to relieve stress.

“The exercise portion of it [is important] to keep blood flowing,” Cope said. “Make sure when you get to finals you’re peaking, not diving and then spiraling down.”

The rec center provides different services that can benefit students as their workload increases.

Cope said, “The rec center has so many different options as far as stress relief – massages, hot tub, pool, group x classes.”

Sophomore Danielle Herbe takes advantage of the classes the rec offers to help her stay calm.

She said, “I really like spinning. I feel like I get a really good work out.”

As finals approach, not only can students work out to relieve stress, but they can also eat healthier.

Cope thinks that being conscious of what you eat is an important factor during finals week.

“Diet is huge,” he said. “Basically what you’re putting into your body is how your body is going to function.”

Herbe has been eating healthier and has seen a change in her attitude towards herself, her stress level and her schoolwork.

“I’ve been eating a lot healthier and I find that I’m not as stressed as when I eat junk food I’m more tired and I’m just not in the mood to do anything,” Herbe said.

Cope said you don’t have to change your whole diet, but even making little changes can make a difference in your performance on finals.

“Sticking with whole natural foods, trying to stay away from fried foods,” he said. “If by any means you can have it broiled, just simple choices you can make.”