Students arraigned in connection to riot

Jenna Staul

Fourteen people were arraigned earlier today in connection to the College Fest riots Saturday night. Most were charged with prohibitions and failure to disperse, and each pled not guilty.

Individuals who do not live on College Street were ordered by Judge John Plough to stay off of the street as a condition of their bail.

“We don’t want anymore problems down there,” Plough said during the arraignment.

Chris Sestak, an attorney for Kent State’s legal services, said he is representing roughly 20 students in connection to the riots. He said failure to disperse is an uncommon charge and is often difficult to convict.

“You don’t see it often, typically only is a mass scene like this or a riot,” said Sestak, who has not yet individually consulted with any clients related to this case. “It’s a pretty complicated charge.”

-Jenna Staul