Broomball Championship

The sounds of players crashing into the boards and fans banging on the glass filled the Ice Arena last night at the Broomball Championships.

Last Resort defeated the Hood Rats 6-3 in the Gold League, while defending champion Motorboaters beat On the Rocks 1-0 in the Blue League.

Junior hospitality management major Jason Lukwinski, who said he really majored in broomball, called the Motorboaters win at the beginning of the season.

“I guaranteed our championship in February, and I never worried for a second,” said Lukwinski, the Motorboaters’ goalie.

The only goal of the Blue League championship game came from senior construction management major Tyler Yost. He celebrated his goal by pretending to use his stick as a sharp-shooting gun.

“Tyler scored and shot up everyone on the bench,” Lukwinski said. “Then he snipered me.”

Yost gave credit to teammate and architecture graduate student Robby Macinnes.

“Robby intimidated the goalie for me, and I just put it in the back of the net,” Yost said.

The Blue League champions said teamwork was a key part of their success.

“It’s team chemistry,” senior computer science major Nick Kulesza said. “We think alike. We know where to be.”

Confidence was also not lacking within the team.

“The Motorboaters are the greatest thing since sliced bread,” Yost said.

On the Rocks captain and junior finance major Tom Gianneschi was proud of his team making it to the championship game in its first year in the Blue League. His team won the Gold League last year.

“I’m highly encouraged for next year,” Gianneschi said.

This year’s Gold League was won by a team formed right before the season started.

“Our team was put together last minute, hence the name Last Resort,” said Ice Arena staff member John Mihalik, a member of Last Resort. “So I think it was awesome that we got a team together last minute, and we won the championship.”

Team members nominated Mihalik and Ice Arena staff member Keith Fisher as the most valuable players on Last Resort.

Referee Stu Smith has seen that MVP skill throughout the season.

“Keith is a stay-at-home defenseman, and Johnny has an offensive prowess,” Smith said.

Last Resort won with that strength on both ends of the ice.

“We work together, and we play as a team,” said Kathleen Smoot, junior recreation, park and tourism management major.

With the championship titles awarded, players are already looking forward to another season of broomball in the fall.

“It’s an intramural sport that every college kid should try,” Mihalik said. “It’s a unique experience.”

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