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Robert Checkal

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“Double Vision Quest” by Minus the Bear

This song puts me in an amazing mood. It reminds me of a place I know, and all I can do is melt into the perfect guitar and the brilliant breakdowns of Minus the Bear’s version of it. It’s captivating, and it further immerses me into my obsession with the band.

“Spitting Venom” by Modest Mouse

The song stresses the importance of letting go of negativity and living life because the past is gone, “it’s over… game over.” And it’s all perfectly orchestrated into an eight-and-a-half-minute song with some serious wisdom spiced into the lyrics. You won’t even notice you just spent the better part of your 10-minute smoke break on it.

“Hit The Wall” by Brandan Canning

“Broken Social Scene Presents…” released the second CD in its newly formed series featuring the co-genius behind Broken Social Scene. This is the best chill up-tempo song you’ll hear in a while. You’ll irresistibly nod your head and tap your feet – it’s that good.

“Syracuse” by Pinback

Pinback released “Summer in Abaddon” a few years ago, but “Syracuse” is still one of my favorite songs. It’s beautifully written, and while decoding a meaning in the lyrics is almost impossible, finding what it’ll mean to you is inevitable, invaluable and cherishable.

“The Late Great Libido” by Menomena

This song is sick. Filled with every instrument you can imagine, it starts off with a piano, then a saxophone and drums, then drops into a capella vocals, then a xylophone beat preludes an electric guitar breakdown that slowly filtrates the sounds of every other instrument into the final minute of the song.

“Digital Sea” by Thrice

Thrice recently dropped four themed EP’s featuring songs coordinated with each title. None of the EP’s are really worth buying, but one defining hit stands out from “Water.” Splitting off from the post-hardcore noise of Thrice, this all-digital slow tempo two-step dance track explains the slow descent of singer Dustin Kensrue into the depths of the digital revolution.

“She’s Hearing Voices” by Bloc Party

Despite a slow start, this song features the best electric guitar rock presence since the ’70s. It’s one of the most awe-inspired and under-represented songs of Bloc Party’s outrageously catchy collection.

“Pulmonary Archery” by alexisonfire

Do you like a little hardcore? Me too – but only if the guitar is played just right and the vocals aren’t so ridiculous. alexisonfire’s melodic guitar puts you in a daze, deafening screams fill your ears and perfectly placed vocals soften the blow officially making this my favorite hardcore track of all time.