CCI dean candidate seeks student retention

Regina Garcia Cano

Kansas State director puts bid in for KSU

Angela Powers, candidate for dean of the College of Communication and Information, addressed the questions of a group of three people, including this reporter, in an open meeting yesterday evening.

If selected, Powers said, she will focus on improving first-year students’ educational experience because the cost of retaining three students is equivalent to that of recruiting one.

She said to boost the college’s recruitment, it is important to show high school students the potential of a degree in the area of communication, despite the current situation of the industry.

“The economy may change, but writing skills, critical thinking, design, knowledge management are always valuable,” she said.

Powers said she will apply her background experience in higher education to give the college a national impact.

She described her leadership style as participative and collegial, trying to always look at the bigger picture.

Powers said in life she has been inspired by Helen Brockman, author of “The Theory of Fashion Design” and former professor at Kansas State University. In her media career, Barbara Walters inspired Powers.

Powers is the director of the A. Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kansas State University.

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