Kent Campus Cash offers new services

Sara Scanes

Marketplace, housing and rentals sections added to community Web site

Kent Campus Cash, a Web site created to be a “powerful tool for local businesses in college communities,” has added two new features: a marketplace and a housing and rentals section.

The marketplace feature, which allows visitors to list items they are selling or are looking to buy, was added Monday, said Shawn Kaplan, founder and operator of the site.

“With the marketplace, students can now offer services, sell their unused things and buy what they need locally,” Kaplan said.

The housing and rentals section was added Tuesday, Kaplan said, and many of the listings offer discounts on security deposits to students who mention Campus Cash.



“The original features of the site included menus, discounts, promotions and other local business information,” founder Shawn Kaplan said.

The site also features:

bar specials

job opportunities

housing and rentals

business-specific information


“If you’re involved in a student group or you’re putting on a function in Kent, e-mail [email protected],” Kaplan said. “We can help promote your event.”


Visit Kent Campus Cash at:

Posting a listing on the site is completely free, and users do not have to register with the site to post, the way they would with other sites such as craigslist.

“Everything is right there,” Kaplan said. “All you have to do is list your contact info.”

Kaplan said he hopes the site will become a “one-stop shop” for students who are looking for goods or services close to campus.

“Our mission is to connect the students with everything around them in the community,” Kaplan said. “The marketplace and housing and rentals section only adds to the local network of information for Kent State students and community members.”

Since the Web site was launched Oct. 6, 2008, Kaplan said he has received a lot of positive feedback, and he hopes people will appreciate the recent changes, which Kaplan believes makes it a “nicer, cleaner Web site.”

“We’re always innovating and trying to add more functions to benefit students and the community,” Kaplan said.

Stephanie Neumann, freshman public relations and marketing major, said she has heard of Kent Campus Cash, and said the site looks “well put-together and easy to use.”

Neumann said she thinks the new features are a good idea, even though she normally doesn’t use Web sites like Kent Campus Cash to buy or sell items.

“I will keep it in mind,” she said. “It looks like a good idea.”

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