More than memories

Tim Ritzert | TV2

WATCH a video interview with Gray and his wife.

For Bob Gray and his wife Cathy, their pictures and artwork are more than just memories.

They carry with them both the pain and joy of Bob’s deployment.

They are all part of an exhibit at the Kent State Library called ‘Here and Away.’

Gray is a librarian at Kent State and is in the Army Reserves.

Gray was stationed at an Army base in Kuwait, which is on the southern border of Iraq, from January of 2008 to December of 2008. He helped with contracting for work on the base.

The exhibit, which is on the third floor of the library, features Gray’s photos from his time in Kuwait and his wife’s artwork from when he was gone.

Cathy said one piece of artwork, a drawing of a cup of tea, represents how she felt while her husband was overseas.

“Bob and I always enjoyed tea,” she said. “When I made the piece I was just doing it in my journal, but when I looked at the piece, I had named it have a cup of tea with me and noticed there was only one cup – so it really represents my solitary life.”

And it was Cathy’s letters and support that Bob said helped him carry out his mission.

“Our sense of communication is such that I didn’t have to be fearful of anything,” he said. “Our love and trust is so secure that I was able to do my job.”