CCI dean candidate would like school to be on the cutting edge

Kristen Thompson

When asked why he would be the best candidate as dean for the College of Communication and Information, Stan Wearden replied, “My Suburu is the coolest car.”

Wearden joked yesterday to a crowd of familiar faces and supporters as he vied for the position of CCI dean in Moulton Hall.

A professor of journalism and mass communication and chairman of the Kent State University Institutional Review Board, Wearden is one of four candidates running for the position, but leads with the most university experience.

“I’ve been here 25 years and this university has been very good to me,” Wearden said. “I know the institution really well, and I’m widely respected. I know the way things work and I know how to get them moving.”

Wearden says he would like to see CCI become known as the college on the cutting edge, providing answers to the industry. He believes in an integrated approach to achieve this effort.

“It’s the graduate students that are the most current with statistical techniques. I’d like to see more of a collaboration and see something happen,” Wearden said. “Grad students can help faculty just as much as faculty can help grad students. We need to make use of the people who have that theoretical knowledge and make sure they are working together as a team.”

Wearden plans to take action developing more interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs for graduate level communication students. Undergraduate communication students can expect more degree programs as well under Wearden’s direction.

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