Position still open due to possible budget reductions

Jessica Roblin

Center keeps interim director for 2+ years

The Center for Student Involvement has had an interim director for more than two years now.

The current – and second – interim director, Gregory Jarvie, said they haven’t filled the position permanently because of possible budget cuts in the future. It wouldn’t make sense to hire anyone new if the department will just have to make cuts, he said.

Prospective budget cuts may lead to job cuts for the center. Waiting to fill the position will prevent possible hiring and firing problems in the future, said previous interim director Brenda McKenzie.

Jarvie and McKenzie both insisted having an interim director hasn’t affected any long-term planning.

“CSI as a whole have all stepped up and continued to offer their services and their time,” Jarvie said.

McKenzie filled the position for almost two years after the last permanent director, Cheryl Smith, left. She said working in the office as assistant director before filling the interim position made the transition smooth.

“It really gave us some continuity that we wouldn’t have had if we had someone outside of the office,” McKenzie said.

The CSI director is responsible for overseeing student organizations, the leadership development program, the University Convocation and community involvement, among other things.

During the time she was director, she still accomplished goals. An example is the switch from an Undergraduate Student Senate of nine to a government of 25 allowed for more student representation.

They also assessed the quality of Greek life at Kent State.

“We had focus groups coming up with recommendations for direction to help strengthen and improve the Greek life community,” McKenzie said.

This semester, McKenzie returned to being assistant director, and Jarvie took her place as interim director.

“It’s only fair,” Jarvie said. “Let’s let Brenda go back to doing what she was doing.”

McKenzie said she would “certainly consider” being the permanent director in the future if she was given the opportunity.

For now, the center is in a waiting period until government budget issues are solidified and the university can decide how to fill the position permanently.

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