Some students broke their Lenten sacrifices

Stephanie Mathias

At the beginning of Lent, the Daily Kent Stater talked to students who were giving up personal luxuries.

Some of them made it through the 40-day period without cheating themselves, but some did not.

“I actually didn’t make it through the whole time,” said Lauren Hlavach, freshman nutrition major, who had planned to give up Chipotle and pop. “I had Chipotle three times, and I drank pop two or three times, as well.”

And for some students, living on campus only added to the difficulty of sticking to Lenten sacrifices.

“I made it completely through Lent without eating any sweets,” said Tim Long, sophomore business advertising major. “It was very challenging, especially working at Jazzman’s where there are always plenty of cookies and brownies.”

Long said next year he will probably give up fried foods or beer.

“Next year is a long time from now … I probably won’t give up beer,” Long said.

Freshman exploratory major Cassie Norrid gave up chocolate. She admitted to cheating but said it wasn’t on purpose.

“I accidentally ate some ice cream with chocolate in it without knowing, but I stopped eating it as soon as I realized,” she said. “It was hard because I love chocolate, and a lot of my favorite things to eat have chocolate in them. But I think it was worth it regardless.”

Justin Smith, sophomore air traffic control major, gave up soda and muffins from Jazzman’s and said he made it through Lent despite getting tempted when he works there.

Others didn’t fare so well.

“I didn’t make it through Lent without having pop,” said Annette Drapp, freshman marketing major. “I decided to change it about halfway through Lent anyway.”

In the Christian tradition, today is Good Friday, the last holiday in the Lenten season. It commemorates the suffering Jesus went through on the cross, while Easter, which is Sunday, is believed to be the day Jesus rose from the dead.

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