Saudi Club promotes culture

Alison Lucci

The Saudi Student Association and the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission will host Saudi Day, a celebration of Saudi culture, food and entertainment, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today in Room 204 of the Student Center.

“Oil, camels, desert, strong religion and terrorism are the most common things people associate with Saudi Arabia,” said Hamoud Al Otaibi, president of the Saudi Student Association. “I feel this is my duty to show Americans we are not like the idea in many people’s minds.”

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, based in Washington D.C., was established by the Saudi Arabian government to oversee the cultural and educational needs of Saudi students studying in the United States.

The Saudi Student Association was founded in Fall 2008, and members hope its presence on campus will help bridge the gap between Saudi students and other students.

“A lot of people in the university don’t know that we have Saudi Club,” said Al Otaibi, a master in business administration student. “And people don’t know about our culture.”

The Saudi Student Association hosted its first Saudi Day event on March 18.

– Alison Lucci