Student fears job market

Shaden Ellakkis

WATCH a video of Swaney discussing her post-graduation fear of getting a job

Maddi Swaney, a golf athlete at Kent State University, is playing her last golf balls.

When she graduates, her passion in golf won’t be enough for her living. She might sacrifice playing golf to get the money she needs.

Swaney explained that “golf industry is suffering more than any other industry because playing golf is expensive”.

In this bad economy, a master program might be another sacrifice for Swaney .

Swaney said that getting into a master program will increase her debts that she might not be able to pay.

Career service directory at KSU arranged a job fair for Swaney and other students. Only 700 students attended the event.

Manal Sakr. an employee at the Career Services center. explained that the number of students attending the event was surprising, because more than 1000 students used to attend the event, when the economy was good.

Sakr said that many students didn’t come because they were “unmotivated” by the bad economy in the country. Maddi, however, went to the job fair, not only to get a job, but to o become better at speaking to people”.

Sakr advised the students to be competitive look beyond the United States to get the job they need.