Live coverage: Weekend protesters march through Akron, demand change

Davonta’e Winchester, wearing a red shirt, shouts into a megaphone as he leads about 100 marchers south on S. High St. in Akron toward the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center June 7, 2020. The group looped out of downtown through the University of Akron campus to the east side, then made their way back downtown.

KentWired Staff

4:18 p.m. 

Davonta’e Winchester leads a closing prayer for the protesters.

4:12 p.m. 

The march is headed back to the Akron Public Library.

4:02 p.m. 

Barriers are now up around the police department, blocking the steps and sidewalk in front of the building. One protester asked through a megaphone why they were up now.

3:56 p.m. 

The march has returned to the Akron Police Department.

3:37 p.m. 

The march is approaching the E. Exchange bridge.

3:07 p.m. 

Protesters continue marching up Exchange St. in Akron.

2:54 p.m. 

“That was surreal to visibly see that much hate in your heart as you speed up. You see us standing here, fighting for our lives. It’s just hateful,”  Paisionce Harper said about the man getting hit.

2:36 p.m. 

The man hit by a car has rejoined the protesters at the intersection skating in on his skateboard.

2:33 p.m. 

Police have joined the protests, blocking off streets as the intersection of S. Arlington and E. Exchange is blocked by the protesters.

2:22 p.m. 

A man has been hit by a car at Johnston and S. Arlington St. Traffic has stopped and police are on the scene. Paramedics are arriving now.

2:15 p.m. 

A truck joins the protesters with Davonta’e Winchester and Shawn Mansfield in the bed leading the march.

2:07 p.m. 

Protesters are chanting, “I Can’t Breathe” coming up Johnston St. This is the scene that has sent dozens of cars to turn around.

1:58 p.m. 

As the march continues, Mansfield starts a chant, “A family that prays together, stays together.” People continue to offer water to other marchers.

1:45 p.m. 

The march has turned right onto Spicer St. chanting, “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”

1:40 p.m. 

Davonta’e Winchester takes a knee as Shawn Mansfield leads a chant of “love and peace.”

1:38 p.m. 

Protesters engage in 60 seconds of silence for all those who have been killed by police and law enforcement.

1:36 p.m.

The march has closed down the intersection of Exchange St., Union St. and Brown St. Marchers are demanding drivers to join them or turn their cars


1:35 p.m.

Protesters take a knee at the intersection of Exchange St., Brown St. and Union St.

1:28 p.m. 

Protesters stop traffic and force a car driving through the march to turn around.

1:16 p.m. 

The march continues onto Exchange St. to the University of Akron. 

1:11 p.m.

Shawn Mansfield said, “what we do as a people, we hold the governor, the mayor responsible. They have done nothing for the people.”

1:02 p.m.

Davonta’e Winchester calls for a cut to the Akron Police budget. People have opened windows and are watching from the building itself.

12:55 p.m. 

The protesters park themselves on the street in front of the Akron Police Department. 

12:48 p.m. 

The march is beginning. Protesters march toward the University of Akron chanting, “No justice. No peace.”

12:28 p.m.

Davonta’e Winchester leads the crowd in a prayer as they prepare to start the march.

12:25 p.m. 

Shawn Mansfield speaks to protesters in downtown Akron as they prepare to march.

Sunday, June 7, 12 p.m.

KentWired is continuing to cover the protests in Akron today. Follow us for updates. 

4:32 p.m.

Protesters are currently marching through the west side back to downtown Akron.

3:50 p.m.

Attendees gather at the  Matthews Hotel monument site at the corner of Perkins and N. Howard St. in Akron.

2:30 p.m. 

Protesters returned to the corner of S. High Exchange Street to listen to Davonta’e Winchester before continuing to march the route a second time. 

2:05 p.m.

John Rasinski plays music at the Akron protests. “I came out to play saxophone to protest,” he said. “I’ve been playing Amazing Grace because everyone could use some grace right now.”

1:47 p.m.

Akron police watch as protesters march away from the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center. Some police refused to kneel with protesters, even after the crowd chanted “take a knee.”

1:34 p.m. 

Protesters in Akron chant “say her name #BreonnaTaylor” as they march away from the police station. 

1:27 p.m.

Protesters cheer as a few officers take a knee. Some remain standing. 

1:24 p.m. 

Shawn Mansfield implores protesters to march downtown peacefully at the protest in Akron. Two separate groups organized protests today but converged to march downtown. 

1:19 p.m.

Protesters marching to the police station began chanting, “Black Lives Matter” in response to a person with an “all lives matter” sign. 

1:16 p.m.

Protesters chant “take a knee.” Police remain standing. 

12:52 p.m. 

Protesters take a knee at the corner of S. High and Exchange street in Akron.

12:49 p.m.

An organizer invites the Akron police to take a knee with the protesters. The police decline.

12:45 p.m. 

A crowd listens to Shawn Mansfield and Davonta’e Winchester speak about protesting all lives, including black ones. 

12:27 p.m.

Three people stand at the fringe of the protest with a flag with a thin blue line on it. They declined to give their names, but one who wanted to be identified as CJ said they’re here, “protesting against the face that [the protesters] are saying only one demographic matters.”

12:10 p.m.

Organizers have provided supplies for making signs and are providing resources for attendees to sign up to vote. 

12 p.m. 

About 150 people gather at the corner of Exchange and S. High Street in Akron, waiting for the protest to start. 

11 a.m.

Members of the KentWired team are gathering in Akron to cover a Black Lives Matter protest scheduled to start at noon on Saturday, June 6. Reporters are equipped with press passes and will be live tweeting at the event. Follow KentWired for live updates.