Small group dorms torn down

Elizabeth D'Aurora

WATCH a video about the dorms’ demolition.

All that remains of the small group dorms is rubble.

Renovation of the buildings was not a question because the expense.

Todd Shaffer, construction manager at Kent, said it would cost as much to rebuild new buildings as it would to renovate the old ones.

“These were up to be renovated, but the renovation costs were fairly expensive,” he said. “They decided to put the students on campus to abandon these and tear them down.

Shaffer said the contract for the demolition project costs four hundred thousand dollars.

Shaffer said the demolition will be complete by April and intramural fields will take the place of the small group dorms.

“We started actually demolition the first of December and we did some abatement work in November,” he said.” “They should be complete and out of here by the middle of April.

Even though the small group dorms at Kent were home to man students, a lot of them feel it is a good idea they are being torn down.

Sophomore Leah Precia said she is glad they are torn down because she doesn’t think they are suitable for living.

“I think it was a good idea because they weren’t livable,” she said. “In the vents it was dusty and disgusting.”

And for sophomore Jon O’Camb, he said he loves his dorm this year because small group was gloomy and made it hard to get work done.

“It was kind of like depressing last year coming back to such a small, not so clean, very old room and definitely coming back to a bigger, newer, cleaner, nicer room this year it helps me to focus better and be able to study better,” O’Camb said.