Meet your USG Candidates

Anthony Holloway & Allison Smith

Part II


Name: Leah Campbell

Position: Senator of the College of EHHS

Year/Major: Junior early childhood education major

Campbell said experience is what should push her to the senate seat. She has served as vice president of judicial affairs in her sorority, Alpha Phi, and has a position on the Pan-Hellenic Council, which works closely in assisting the sororities around campus.

She said she works at the Vacca Office of

– Anthony Holloway

Name: Kyle White

Position: Senator of the College of EHHS

Year/Major: Freshman integrated social studies major

White said professionalism is the approach he hopes to bring to the Undergraduate Student Government position if elected. Besides being available by always being on campus, he said he has connections through various organizations that he hopes could help him get things done.

White said he noticed, as a freshman, the difficulties of setting up an appointment with an adviser. He said he would also like to establish better communication between different councils of education so they are aware of what each other is doing.

– Anthony Holloway


Name: Marilyn Schwartz

Position: Senator of the College of the Arts

Year/Major: Junior fashion merchandising major

Dancing and traveling are things Marilyn Schwartz said she likes to do, but she said the issues in student relations with the Undergraduate Student Government are things she needs to address as a USG senator. Schwartz said her involvement with her sorority Alpha Phi, Inter Greek Programming Board and her work with Relay for Life speak for her ability as a leader. She said she is “very excited about the elections and (wants) to get things rolling.”

– Anthony Holloway


Name: Evelyn Smith

Position: Senator of the College of BA

Year/Major: Junior managerial marketing major

Smith said her passions are African community theater and the College of Business Administration. Her résumé includes high school involvement in student government and college experience as a representative for the Collegiate Business Association.

Smith said she wants communication between the university and students so each can better understand the other. She prides herself in being like her role models in the fact that she knows how to lead but also when to follow.

– Anthony Holloway

Name: Jonathan Bryan

Position: Senator of the College of BA

Year/Major: Junior finance major

Jonathan Bryan said that not even the 21 credit hours he’s taking this semester would stop him from fulfilling the duties required if elected. Bryan said he wants to promote better utilization and communication between the different organizations within the College of Business Administration.

He said his experience in high school organizations, like the Renaissance Club and Lime Lighters, make him a qualified candidate to lead. He would like to lead proactively, just as he said Elizabeth Sinclair-Colando, assistant dean in the College of Business Administration, does.

– Anthony Holloway


Name: Zachary Cline

Position: Senator for the College of A&S

Year/Major: Junior English major, writing minor

Cline would like to see English majors have the option of taking a second language, instead of it being a requirement as it is now.

“So if you want to take that, you can,” Cline said, “and if you don’t, you have to make up for those hours by taking other English classes instead.”

Cline said he would also like to try to fix the parking situation. He thinks empty staff parking lots are a waste of space.

“If it became an S-37 after 5 o’clock, or something like that, or after a certain amount of time, then you’re allowed to park there,” Cline said. “Any time before, that’s for staff.”

-Allison Smith

Name: Megan Cerne

Position: Senator for the College of A&S

Year/Major: Sophomore, Spanish and psychology major

Cerne would like to see a more interconnected Kent State.

“It shouldn’t be like this section here, and this section there,” she said.

Cerne said she would like to see students staying ahead of the game with their credit hours.

“They should come in prepared for it rather than coming in at the end and realizing that they don’t have exactly what they need to graduate,” Cerne said.

-Allison Smith

Name: Amber Myers

Position: Senator for the College of A&S

Year/Major: Junior conservation major

Myers described herself as “hippie-esque.”

“I’m very progressive,” Myers said. “I do see a vision in a better America.”

Myers said she would like to see health as a form of sustainability. She said she represents the fundamental disconnect between man and nature.

“Doing the most that you can do, that’s one of the best feelings in the world,” Myers said. “I don’t want to feel guilty later on.”

-Allison Smith