P.R. Students Compete Nationally

Elizabeth D'Aurora

WATCH as P.R. students teach, compete.

College, rock it.

That was the theme for Stanton Middle School’s college information night at the ice arena.

Kent State public relations students were challenged with raising pre-teen students awareness about college.

Seventh graders skated, answered trivia questions and played guitar hero at the final night of the college rock it program.

P.R. major Shantae Rollins said guitar hero engaged the students and related to the college rock it theme.

“The guitar hero really tied in the music with the rock it theme,” she said.

The five students and their advisor are working hard because this is part of a national competition.

Group advisor Michelle Ewing says the competition challenges students outside of the classroom.

“Chapters throughout the country compete in it,” she said. “It requires five students only, and that’s a challenge because it’s a big project and a huge under taking.”

Ewing said they researched middle school students to see what grabs their attention.

“We found out these students want to be entertained,” she said. “They want to be engaged. I can hear the kids saying it now ‘don’t bore us.'”

Ewing thinks the most important thing students took out of the week long activities is that it’s never too early to start thinking about college.

“Think about college now,” Ewing said. “Think about your dreams and go for it.”