Students travel ‘Around the World in Six Floors’

Allison Smith

Tyler Mausser from Chesterland High School and other Austrian dance group members joined Kent State student Tessa Farese, also part of the dance group, teach Leebrick Hall and Korb Hall residents the Austrian polka dance, Auerhahn last night on the second

Credit: DKS Editors

Dresses twirled and feet stomped last night at the Austrian component of “Around the World in Six Floors.” The event was hosted by Leebrick and Korb halls.

Dancers performed the Auerhahn dance, a traditional dance of Austria. Kent State student Tessa Farese ushered students in to join the dancing.

“The dance is usually done with a bigger group,” Farese said. “The girls are in the middle, and the guys are on the outside.”

Other countries represented included Egypt, Jamaica, China, India and Ireland. Each “country” provided information on its culture, and some provided food.

Students began their tour of the world on the second floor of Korb for the Austrian segment. They traveled upstairs to the fourth floor to visit Egypt.

Allison Kocheff, a resident assistant for Korb Hall, hosted the Egypt component. She said the floor provided baklava and mint tea because they are commonly eaten in Egypt.

The lounge was decorated with bricks painted on paper and pictures of the Egyptian flag and pyramids. On the wall were facts about modern-day and ancient Egypt.

The next floor represented Jamaica. Students could make bead bracelets with red, green, black and yellow – the colors of Jamaica. Student presenters spoke to students about Jamaica’s history and the Rastafari movement.

The fourth floor of Leebrick taught students about China. Students painted Chinese calligraphy symbolizing life, spring, happiness and faith. These could then be used as greeting cards.

In India, on the sixth floor of Leebrick, the learning component was about the religions in the country. When asked what came to mind first about India, students yelled out “saris,” “Hindu” and “Taj Mahal.”

The last country was Ireland, presented on the eighth floor of Leebrick. Student presenters talked about myths and legends in Ireland.

The resident assistants of Korb and Leebrick came up with the idea to do a multi-cultural event together.

Residence hall director Ciji Tidwell said the halls tried to include a country from every continent.

“They decided at first that they wanted to do more than one country,” Tidwell said. “So then they started to get all of the different continents.”

Freshman exploratory major Brian Struchen helped plan the Austrian component.

When asked which country was his favorite, he picked the one he helped to plan.

“I’d honestly have to say Austria because I like strudel,” Struchen said.

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